“I’m proud of you son!”

The word “PROUD”

A word to describe how satisfy and such a pleasure for us because of something we achieved or something we’re a part of.

We’re proud when we win a competition. We’re proud when our school was nominated as the top school in our area. We’re proud to have a friend who is famous. We’re proud to be the best student in our school.

We’re always proud about those things. But, how about PROUD being an Indonesian?

I assume the number of people who’re proud to be an Indonesian nowadays are not as much as it used to be.

We tend to compare Indonesia with other countries. Comparing the technology, the culture, the movie, the transportation, the fashion, the trend, and many more.

We said it out loud, “I’m proud being an Indonesian!”

But, do we really mean it? Being proud? Love Indonesia so much from the bottom of our heart?


Saying it alone is not helping us and Indonesia. Saying we’re proud with no action is useless. We still do it sometimes and we don’t even realize it. We should be balancing our words and actions. That could change the “NO” become “YES”.

Something interesting inspired me to share about being proud as an Indonesian.

A few months ago in 2016,  I went for a mission trip with people from other countries to serve in an orphanage at Tangerang and the largest rubbish dump in Bekasi for 2 weeks. We are groups of students and teachers gathered from all around the world for this mission trip.

At first, I’m proud as they really adore our cultures and so pleasant with the kindness of Indonesian. They are amazed by how caring the people here and the smiles which can be found everywhere.

At this moment, something come up on my mind.

“Why do this people adore Indonesia so much? We don’t have anything special or cool like they have in their country.”

Those kind of thoughts shows that we are not showing how proud we are of Indonesia.

We tend to think about modern cultures as we know from the globalizations are the best one compared to the traditional culture we have here in each provinces in Indonesia.

My friends from the mission trip went back to their country after the mission trip. We still keep in touch and they always want to go back to Indonesia again.

A few weeks ago, this year, my friends from the mission trip who come from Hong Kong visited Indonesia again for doing a next visit at the orphanage. They even come this time by their own savings.

I can’t say it is cheap as the fact it is not. But, they’re willing to come back as they know that Indonesia has a potential to grow. Grow in any aspects of course.

Don’t you realize? Even other people are proud to come back here in Indonesia and they are proud to share about Indonesia to others. People who come from around the world. They are sure that Indonesia can grow more.

How about us?

Would you stay at that point?

The point where we keep comparing without doing nothing.

The point when we keep complaining and be ashame of what Indonesia have.

Come on! We need to be proud as Indonesia need us to grow!

This is time to be proud with an action not only put it as a quotation.

#nojudgejustsharing (:


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