Book Review: Andrea Hirata ‘Ayah’

Some people may know who is Andrea Hirata.

A little introduction to the writer,

He is an Indonesian writer, who is famous with his book titled The Rainbow Troops (in Indonesian, “Laskar Pelangi”) which captivate audiences across the globe. The Rainbow Troops attracts many readers around the world with the interesting story and have translated in various languages.

I would like to share about the other book that he wrote titled Ayah or in English means “father”.


I will share a brief about the story as I won’t give any spoiler 🙂

The story begin with a character called Sabari. A boy who lived in Belantik, Belitong Island. He’s described as a boy with a so-so feature look but loved to make poem and smart in Bahasa Indonesia lesson. He met his soon-to-be wife, Marlena or called Lena on the first day of high school entrance examination. She is a beautiful girl but with not so good attitude. Sabari fall in love at the first sight after he saw her. However, Lena hated him and never like him at all.

He never give up and show his true feelings to Lena through everything he do, and of course through poems.

I was interested to buy and read the book because of the title. Somehow, the title and also the synopsis behind attracted me to read the book. To be honest, buying the book is not a waste.

I loved how Andrea Hirata bring us into the story. His writing style make me loved to read the book. He describes everything beautifully and in a attractive way which captures my heart to read it again and again.

Well, I am a picky-reader in some books that I read. I loved translation books if I bought it in Indonesian, and basically the book that used good or formal-like words.

In this book, I enjoyed how the story flows even though get confused at first. The book also inspires me how to write well and use various words with the same meaning, like the strong words one. This book was so touching to read.

This book reminds me a lot of things,

Sometimes, our mother will be the one who mostly we thought always take care of us more than our father. However, after I read this book, our father also do the same things. They might look like they don’t care sometimes, but deeply inside their heart, they cared. They might be cannot express it as well or as much as our mother express it, but I believe, they cared.

This was the first book of Andrea Hirata that I read and I will totally read the other one!

I will end this book review with a poem from the book.

Wahai awan

Kalau bersedih

Jangan menangis

Janganlah turunkan hujan

Karena aku mau pulang

Untukmu awan

Kan kuterbangkan layang-layang


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