Yes, I am dissapointed.

It’s like you gave me a false hope.

Sad, mad, that’s how I feel.


But then, I realized what have I done to you.

Now I understand, how and what you feel when I gave you that false hope.

That false hope,

I told you we can meet, while we can’t.

Did that a couple of times.

I feel it now, I feel it.


I can’t do that. I shouldn’t be selfish.

Thinking about myself and not you.


I can’t do that.

I need to think about you.

It is me. Something is wrong with me.


I think we can blame the word “miss”.

Because of “miss”, I acted like I’m out of water.

Yeah, my water, that’s you.

Thirst and need you the most.


I won’t let those thoughts come to me.

I’ve trust you and will always trust you.



“Just some thoughts of the night for someone out there.”



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