Hi everyone! My name is Hannie Han. I’m glad that I can create my own blog and I can share every little things that I loved through this. I’m still a beginner but I hope that I can improve as time goes by.

So, why do I make this blog?

A tough question I supposed. I made this blog because my elective class in my school was blogging class. At first, I don’t choose this as one of my two trials of elective. But actually, I want to join the blogging class too. And somehow, the two elective that I’ve choosed was full and I need to choose other elective that available. Here I am, the BLOGGING class.

Interested in writing? Yes, I am. I loved to write poems and short-stories.

Through your writings, you can express what do you feel.

Through your writings, you can touch other’s feelings.

Through your writings, you can inspire others.


Except writing, I am interested in musics. Singing, dancing, listening to musics are my hobbies.

What type of music? Well, you know, K-POP!

A lot of people loves K-POP and one of them is me!

I loved old love songs, C-POP, J-POP and American Pop as well.

The reasons why I love K-POP because the artists inspire me to improve my musical skills. They are my motivation and their songs are my source of happiness when I am in a BAD-mood.life-love-music-text-favim-com-965952

The same as writing, for me,

Through music, you can express your feelings.

Through music, you can touch other’s feelings.

Through music, you can inspire others.


I also interested in learning languages.

Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Ciao, Namaste, 안녕하세요, こんにちわ、你好,Halo.

In my blog, I will share everything about what I’m interested with and about things that I want to share with you guys. It will be a blog about what I loved and in hope through my posts, I can inspire you guys. My posts will be both in English and Indonesian.

That’s all for my introduction! Nice to meet you and let us be inspiration to others.


Hannie Han

P.S: I will post something about my writing! ASAP xoxo


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